Vessel Design

Marine Project Solutions Ltd

Our marine craft design portfolio includes the following:

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High Speed Surface Effect Vessels

The Sea Trader and Sea Track were designed initially as fast patrol craft but have proven themselves to be extremely versatile and suitable for many marine applications.

Type 3 SEC

Surface effect craft evolution from the Sea Trader & Sea Track.  All three models hold very individual characteristics to allow them to remain viable craft in their own right.

11m Fast Ferry

This concept craft is for a low wash, low air draft and high speed ferry for use in the UAE.  The hull is based on our surface effect craft hull.

Displacement Catamarans

Pro Cat Catamaran

A 10m versatile and efficient catamaran for a Canadian client looking to produce with World-wide agencies.  Versions include but are not limited to: fishing, workboat, dive craft, hospital craft, river/lake ferry, weekend cruiser, fire & rescue.

The 'Sutton Workboats' Catamaran

8m & 10m medium speed displacement catamaran design, built and sold as fishing vessels in the UK.  This design was for an economical and simple to manufacture vessel.

Passenger Vessels

Crew Support Vessel

Crew transfer and support/guard vessel for the increasing wind farm arrays.  Stable platform, substantial load carrying capabilities and fast response.

Luxury Water Taxi

A 15m luxury water taxi to operate in and around coastal waters, with low wash characteristics.

Miscellaneous Vessels

Scorpio 17'- 25'

Hard chine flat plate work/pleasure vessels.

3 - 4m Rowing Skiff

Designed and built for use on a trout fishing lake in the UK.

Lochy 19'

A traditional round bilge fishing vessel.

Traditional 16'

A round bilged canoe stern fishing vessel.