Luxury water taxi

Marine Project Solutions Ltd

The following information is for the design of a luxury water taxi to potentially operate in and around coastal waters.  The parameters expected are as follows:

  • Each vessel should have the capacity to carry 40 to 50 persons
  • Each vessel should have wheelchair access
  • A maximum air draught of 3.2m is required to allow the vessel to transit under bridges
  • Capable of speeds around 12-14 knots

In addition to the above, the proposed design has been developed to incorporate the following characteristics as a minimum standard:

  • Low wash characteristics to reduce environmental impacts of shore-side erosion
  • Construction materials where practical are to be recyclable; i.e, Aluminium and Glass
  • Powering requirement where practical is to be of renewable resources; i.e, Solar power or Bio-diesel

Vessel specification 
Displacement:16-18 tonnes
Deck area:80m²
Passengers:54 + 4 wheelchairs (inc deck access)
Power:2 x 100hp Electric/Bio diesel supplied by 70m² of roof mounted Solar panels
Construction:Aluminium hull and superstructure with glass panels

These particulars are for guidance only.  It is expected that the design will evolve further as interested parties express their requirements.