Engineering Design

Marine Project Solutions Ltd

Our Engineering Design Portfolio includes:

  • Updates to various client’s vessel Safety & Emergency plans for flag state approval –  MPSL have been updating the Safety and Emergency plans for clients for the past eight years.  The plans require modification and approval each time a piece of equipment is relocated or improved, to maintain their flag state compliance.  The plans are drawn to IMO standards and use approved IMO symbols.
Motor Yacht safety plan

  • 3D model and detailed fabrication drawings for an underwater intake grille (UK)

  • Design of crew accommodation onboard a 35m luxury yacht.  On acceptance, we also project managed the installation of the accommodation. (UK & Malta)

  • Naval architecture on our associate’s concept floating house designs.

  • Design of innovative bilge keels for a 20m workboat.

  • Structural plans drawn for replacement sailing vessel mast foot and adjoining bulkhead.

  • Dome research project – The concept design of an interactive medical & healing therapy treatments facility, based within a dome structure.  Both a large static dome and mobile smaller units have been designed.

  • Emergency relief buildings – The concept design of a recycled composite extruded section, which would allow easy deployment and fast erection of shelter in incident stricken locations globally.

  • Tidal energy power reclamation system – The design of a system incorporating both state of the art technologies and ancient proven concepts to harness the continuous power of the ocean’s tides and river flows around the globe.