About Us

Marine Project Solutions Ltd

Daniel J Goldsmith  BEng (Hons) AMRINA

Naval Architect

Danny was raised in a commercial fishing family and spent his formative years working beaches, clearing nets and helping his father build traditional vessels prior to using them commercially. This is where Danny learnt many skills and also learnt what works and what doesn’t as far as comfortable design on the water is concerned.

The family operated a small boat building facility for a few years building and developing vessels from traditional styles to concept high speed multi-hulls, which allowed Danny to further learn and hone his skills and experience. Danny returned to academia in Southampton in 1997 as a mature student and studied for his degree in Yacht and Powercraft design.  He graduated with honours in 2001.

Since then Danny has been designing and assisting with the development of several designs, both traditional mono-hull forms and various multi-hull concepts, always eager to further his skills and experiences. One of which has been a successful production catarmaran built by a company on the south coast of England. This vessel was born from a very basic concept by the owner which Danny developed into an operational design, albeit quite basic in its form.

Danny started Marine Project Solutions Limited (MPSL) in 2008 to offer clients a more personal and professional service for their varying indivdual requirements.  MPSL are primarily Marine Consultants, Naval Architects, Vessel/Project Management providers.

As time served shipwrights, we are also in a valuable position to be able to offer construction, repair & maintenance advice and services.  Since the start of MPSL we have continued to build on our reputation and expand our contact and knowledge base.  MPSL has an almost world-wide network of preferred contractors and technical experts that we work with.

Our vessel management services have been quite finely honed to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, while our design, refit and maintenance operations keep us up to date with the current best practices and new or innovative technologies. With projects undertaken ranging in value from voluntary to several million, we are confident that our client’s requirements can be met no matter how large or small their budget may be.

MPSL have purposely remained small enough to value every client, yet competent enough with our network to deal with any requests, whether our clients require rowing boat repairs or Superyacht design & management services.  Please look at our Services pages to view past and current projects and to find out more about the services we offer.

We look forward to reviewing all enquiries and encourage you to contact us at your convenience.