Pro Cat Catamaran

Marine Project Solutions Ltd

Danny has studied the concept of high speed displacement catamaran hull forms and various forms of planning catamaran hulls.  He has hoped to be able to further expand on these studies and implement the ideas into actual vessels that could challenge current catamaran and multi-hull designs.

The Pro Cat is the next generation from Danny's earlier basic design, having learnt many things along the way!  Danny believes that this planning catamaran will prove to be a very versatile vessel for many aspects of the marine industry.  Its light displacement and relatively low powering requirements will make it a very economical and versatile craft, accessible to the majority and the elite alike.


  • LOA: 10m
  • LWL: 9.9m
  • BOA: 5m
  • T: 0.47m
  • Displ: Approx 6.9 metric tonnes (15,180 lb)
  • CLd-CLd: 3.5m
  • Chine beam: 1.106m
  • LCG bow: -6m
ProCat Coloured elevation
Front line elevation

The above lobster potting version was designed for the use by fishermen in Maine USA; an 80+ pots version has also been drawn.  The client has received interest from many third parties requesting versions of the Pro Cat including: hospital craft, river and lake ferries, craned workboats, dive charter, weekend cruisers, fire & rescue craft, wind-farm support craft and charter fishing.  All of these uses can be accommodated with the Pro Cat quite easily.  We are currently seeking world-wide agencies to appoint and issue licences to produce the vessels.

The following are early development plans showing the extent of potential variations that can be achieved with the vessel, drawn to scale for illustrative purposes.

Please contact MPSL for further information and agency licence enquiries.