Vessel Construction, Repair & Maintenance

Marine Project Solutions Ltd


We are proud to have been involved with the Design, Construction, Repairs and Maintenance of a large variety of vessels, with a vast range of Client budgets.

A few examples are as follows:

  • Design and construction of a 28′ Traditional clinker beach boat
  • Repairs, modifications and maintenance to a 28′ Lower built clinker fishing boat
  • 60′ sailing vessel hull plug construction
  • Aeronautic craft pattern construction
  • Kayak design and construction
  • Hull and vessel repairs and maintenance of a 35m ex MOD minesweeper conversion, double diagonal mahogany planking on aluminium frames
  • Design and construction of a 25′ hard chine displacement fishing vessel, FRP
  • Design and construction of a 19′ round bilge displacement vessel
  • Design and construction of several concept high speed surface effect craft, 19′
  • Design and construction of a plug for a 8m fishing catamaran
  • Fit-out of a 40′ Prout design sailing catamaran
  • Design, construction and maintenance of a 17′ hard chine open fishing boat
  • Modifications, repairs and maintenance to a 23m full teak construction Breton, commercial sailing schooner

As a Father and Son team we have experience in our industry in excess of ninety years, with countless marine craft in traditional timber, FRP, Aluminium and Steel construction.