Recent Projects

Marine Project Solutions Ltd
  • PBK canvas kayak restoration – including repair work to the timber frame and applying a new canvas to the outer skin. Click here to see the animoto footage of the restoration project.
  • Voluntary research and proposal project development – For the restoration of two historically important traditional wooden vessels in Eastbourne.  The project devised will hopefully see the vessels being housed and restored under grant and charitable funding over a period of three to five years.  It is also proposed that the housing facility can be incorporated to allow a working museum type facility and eventually teaching facilities for traditional marine crafts.  Please click here to view the website for this exciting project.
  • 39m Luxury yacht – Technical expert investigation and report writing on the probable cause and lasting effects of shafts misalignment and hull deformation during an extended yard period.
  • 40m Superyacht interior modifications (UK) – Structural modifications design & drawings for RINA approval.  Accepted by RINA on first submission.
  • 28m Sailing yacht structural improvements (Malta) – Structural design modifications & drawings for RINA approval. Accepted by RINA on first submission.  Approved structural modifications completed in-house. Project managed further modifications conducted by yard.
  • 38m Superyacht bow thrusters upgrade (UK) – We conducted the assessment of the installed unit, the calculations of the required thrusters unit commensurate with the owner’s requirements, the procurement of the new system, the collations of the individual teams required to complete the upgrade, the budgeting and project management of the system upgrade and the installations and commissioning.  The project was undertaken with an optimistic time frame of only eight weeks to complete, however we managed to complete from start to finish within six and a half weeks and almost 15% under budget. We were recommended by the attending ABS surveyor for “an absolutely first class installation”.
  • 35m Superyacht saloon ceiling replacement (UK) – We were tasked with the removal and replacement of a damp, deteriorating and untrue ceiling onboard a classically styled superyacht. The works were completed in-house using traditional methods and modern adhesives.  The ceiling beams were repaired/replaced, and treated prior to a lattice of battens being fixed to fair the ceiling, as much as possible, allowing raised moulded panels to be fitted to the original design.  Low heat transfer LED zoned lighting was then installed to complete the ceiling.  The ceiling works were completed at €25,000 less than the nearest alternative quotation for the works.
  • 35m Superyacht teak deck planking replacement (Malta) – The upper deck of the vessel was in need of a complete new deck.  The age and style of the classic vessel meant that 100mm wide planking would need to be sourced for the new deck; the costs of such timber in teak were not acceptable to the owner, who agreed for the deck to be relaid in a timber with very similar looks, texture and colouring characteristics to that of teak, but at a fraction of the cost.  Approximately 180 square meters were laid with fantastic results and not one person has noticed that the deck is not teak.  The owner has recently commented that the vessel is looking the best he has ever seen it.
  • 35m Superyacht hull planking (Malta & UK) – Double diagonal mahogany planking on Aluminium framed hull, planking repairs and replacement of worn and damaged planking following 60 years of faithful service.  Reinstatement of new timbers using traditional methods.
  • 35m Superyacht superstructure aesthetics (UK) – In-house paint spray patch repairs to damaged areas of the superstructure.  Also the commissioning and project management of Vinyl wrapping the topsides of a full vessel repaint, achieving outstanding results at a fraction of the cost to the owner.
  • Relief engineering (UK) – Carrying out repairs and service maintenance to onboard systems including raw water, domestic water, pumps, generators, fuel supply piping, fuel tank modifications, operational safety, flag administration survey issues, statutory certifications and paperwork collation, presentation and approvals.
  • Water feature statue rebuild (UK) – We were approached by a private housing committee to write a specification for the repair of their much loved but deteriorating water feature statue.  The specification was to be sent to various companies for tender to complete the renovations.  On receipt of some interesting quotations we were asked if we could undertake the renovations ourselves, to which we agreed and completed the works in a timely manner and at a sensible cost to the very pleased housing committee.  The statue was finished with a polished bronze powder giving the effect of an expensive work of art.
  • Please click here on or the image below to view a short video of some restoration works carried out on MY Osprey, as outlined in some of the paragraphs above.

    management of MY Osprey