High Speed Air Lubricated and Surface Effect Vessels

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Sea Trader & Sea Track 197

Both vessels were designed with the intention of being used as high speed pursuit and intercept crafts.  However, they have proven the tests of time in various guises and applications such as fishing vessels, work-boats and pleasure vessels.

Their large deck area lends itself to countless operations whilst allowing the users to feel safe on a comfortable and stable platform.

Tests on scale models and on the real thing have shown the ability of the vessels at various sizes to carry unusually heavy payloads whilst still being able to achieve exceptional speeds.  The effect of the hull designs allows minimum power requirements at high speeds, partly due to the reduced wetted surface area.

The low wash and shallow draft characteristics make these vessels very versatile for operation in shallow water, busy rivers and environmentally sensitive areas.  After the twenty years or so that the designs have been in operation they are still regarded by the experts to be very advanced craft.

The vessel layouts can be designed and built to suit the requirements of the owner; please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements and we will be pleased to work with you to achieve the best possible solutions.

Sea Track & Sea Trader 197 Specification

 Sea TrackSea Trader 197
High speed surface effect hull-form. Low washHigh speed air lubricated hull-form. Very low wash
Length:6m (20')6m (20')
Beam:2.6m (8' 6")2.4m (8')
Draft Static:0.33m (1' 1")0.33m (1' 1")
Draft Dynamic:0.038m (1.5")0.076m (3")
Displacement:1.375 tonnes1.5 tonnes
Installed engine:Twin 100hp outboard115hp outboard
Speed:50 kts +47 kts +
Open deck area:14.6m²10m²
Free standing control consoleFully enclosed wheel-house

Designed to comply with the requirements of Seafish Industry Authority, MCA and RCD.

Designed: T & D.J.Goldsmith